I was born in Zagreb in 1982. I have been working as a writer and photographer since 2001, and have been a member of the Croatian Association of Freelance Artists since 2008. I worked as a journalist and photographer for numerous magazines, such as National Geographic Croatia, Meridijani, and Geo. Since 2013, I have been focusing on my own projects which take several years to develop. All of my projects are part of the Club for Expeditionism and Culture, of which I am co-founder and president.

Here are the projects I have done so far:

(2007 – 2014) – The biggest photography project in Croatia, which I did in collaboration with National Geographic. For seven years, I was taking pictures of Croatia from bird’s-eye-view.  The photo monograph the project resulted in, entitled National Geographic – Croatia from Above, is the best selling photo monograph in Croatia. During three years, the exhibition of the same title was seen by two million people in twenty countries.

THE POLAR DREAM (2015 – 2018) – the project follows my preparations for and my undertaking of the first Croatian expedition to the South Pole. I was the 26th person in history to walk from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole solo, unassisted, and unsupported. My book The Polar Dream was the best selling book in Croatia in 2018, and 50 000 people attended the 176 motivational lectures I gave the following year.

LOVE AROUND THE WORLD (2018 – 2020) – together with my wife Anđela I went on a year-long journey around the world to explore love in different cultures. The plan was to interview 150 couples in 30 countries on all continents, and make a unique documentary, book, and exhibition.

I have visited 117 countries so far, and lead more than 20 expeditions to some of the remotest areas of our planet. I have published seven books, three of which have been translated to English, and made one documentary.

Croatian books

  • Samo nek se kreće, 2003
  • Na putu u skrivenu dolinu, 2006
  • Džungla, 2009
  • Degustacija slobode, 2012
  • National Geographic: Hrvatska iz zraka, 2014
  • U zemlji zmaja, 2015
  • Polarni san, 2018

translated books

  • The Journey’s Magic, 2012
  • National Geographic: Croatia from above, 2014
  • Polar dream, 2018


  • Polarni san (Polar dream), 2018

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