completely alone in the greatest wasteland on Earth


without the delivery of food and equipment – he pulled all the equipment (130 kg) on a sled


without the use of external energy such as wind, dogs or a snowmobile

About the project

What does a person have to do to make their dream come true? In order to find a better answer to the question, I attempted a great challenge, a great exploration which led me to the very end of the world. I became the first Croat to walk from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole. The expedition lasted 47 days (Dec 1, 2017-January 17, 2018), during which I covered 1163 km alone, without food delivery, pulling all my equipment on a 135 kg sled, without the usage of external energy (wind, dogs, motor sled, etc). I spent two years preparing for the expedition. As part of the preparations, I visited traditional peoples living at the very north of the planet – the Inuit in northern Greenland, the Nenets in northern Siberia, the Saami in northern Scandinavia. I trained in Norway twice and learned from the best living polar explorers. I wrote “The Polar Dream”, a book about his feat, and filmed a documentary of the same name.


Outside the windchill is -40°C. There isn’t another soul within 200 kilometers. And the goal, the South Pole, is still over a thousand kilometers away. All Davor has to do to give up is make a call on his satellite phone, then he can be rescued and returned to civilization, but if he does that, his dream of walking to the South Pole solo, unassisted and unsupported will be over.

This is the story of Davor Rostuhar’s 48 day trek to the South Pole. It is also a story about what it takes to make your dreams come true. In this book Davor explores how we can turn a vague aspiration into a reality? How we can keep going when faced with impossible odds? And what we learn about ourselves when placed in extreme conditions? Polar Dream is an inspirational story about passion, endurance, and what it takes to believe in yourself.