From the moment we got engaged and set a wedding date, we began thinking about the reasons we chose one another. What was so special about this relationship that we decided to spend our lives together? Would our love be the same if we were born in another time or at another place? What is love exactly? Driven by those questions, we decided to embark on a one year journey around the world to research whether love, one of the highest values in our lives, is universal, or it is completely conditioned by the circumstances around us.

In the past year, we traveled to 25 countries over five continents and collected more than 100 interviews with different couples and individuals, all of them sharing their thoughts on love, relationships, marriage, divorce…

From the hyper-modern metropoleis such as Tokyo and New York City, through closed communities of Saudi Arabia and Iran, to the Amazon rainforest and the most far away Pacific islands – we wanted to talk about love directly, openly, and honestly, with the people from different cultures. Our aim is to let their experiences and stories tell us what connects us, what separates us, and whether love is universal.

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After Anđela and Davor married, they set out on a remarkable honeymoon—traveling for a year around the world while exploring love in a vast array of cultures. Their journey took them across six continents and 30 countries, from Bushmen in the African savanna to urban couples in the world’s biggest metropolises, from traditional polygamous harems to modern polyamorous communities, from hunter-gatherers deep in the Amazon rainforest to indigenous tribes on the idyllic shores of the Pacific, from those who have never found love to those who have, in love, found everything. They spoke with renowned scholars and, faced with daunting challenges, also analyzed their own relationship, all to discover the true nature of love and whether it is universal. What they came up with, in the words of editor Kruno Lokotar, is “a book that heals with love and aspires to heal love.”

The English edition of the book ‘Love Around the World’ is available on Amazon in the Kindle e-book format.



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