I tell the stories of my expeditions and projects not only through books and films, but through multimedia lectures as well!

Using storytelling, photography, video, and sound, I talk of the experience of exploring the farthest parts of the world. Through an attractive and exciting journey, I frame the story of beauty and diversity of the world around us. I talk of the importance of preservation of our environment, culture, and nature, of respecting diversity, and building a more just and quality society.

I like to describe my lectures as live documentary films. The screen behind me shows my own photographs and videos, while the narration does not happen through some invisible speaker in a studio or through a presenter on the screen, but through me, who as the author narrate the story live.

Until now, I have held over 500 lectures in libraries and schools, companies and corporations, culture centers, theaters, and concert halls. Over 50,000 people have attended my lectures.

Love Around the World



What can we learn by observing the diversity of love around the world? How does love affect the construction of more inclusive and just societies?

Polar dream



What a man needs to do to achieve his dream? How to get over obstacles? How to get through crises? How to create your decision with your destiny?

Couch lectures



Storytelling lectures by Davor Rostuhar in your home only for your crew!

Love Around the World

In this lecture, we explore the diversity of human society, as well as question the diversity of our views and attitudes, call for discussion, and build understanding through something that we all have in common, something familiar and important – love.

Why is something normal in one society and not in another? How does a society determine what is normal? Why do most people in a society blindly and automatically reproduce social values, even when they are unjust and harmful? Where do those individuals who oppose them find their courage? How do these courageous individuals, through their living example, influence social change? What role does love play in all this?

Everything learned about human society in the lecture, through amazing stories and exciting multimedia, can be applied to any smaller group of people, to our immediate or wider communities or our business team. Diversity is a challenge in every group, but also its greatest asset. The larger a group is, the greater the challenge posed by the differences that inevitably exist between individuals. However, when we learn to bridge differences, they become our greatest resource and strength.

Polar dream

Through an exciting adventure story that he lived firsthand, Davor Rostuhar explains how he prepared for and executed his expedition to the South Pole. He talks of how he overcame the obstacles, fought through crises, what he learned about himself and about his goals. Selflessly, he shares great wisdom and small tricks that helped him reach his challenging goal. He does not claim that everything is possible if you only wish for it hard enough. He claims that dreams cost – the bigger they are, the larger the price.

But he also claims that achieving them is possible, even more so than we believe to be true. He maps the path that needs to be travelled in order to reach the goal. He shows how to turn fear from an enemy into an ally. How to manage risks when even the most important thing is threatened – your life. How to create safe harbors within which we can find shelter even during the greatest storms. How your decisions can create your destiny…

Using his exceptional example, Davor Rostuhar shows how with quality preparations, careful learning, attention to details, working on the self, persistence, true motivation, and following your values, even very ambitious dreams can become reachable. For 47 days ne walked to the south through the most extreme environment on the planet, surrounded by completely white and flat horizon deprived of any detail, until finally he saw his destination – the South Pole. With that experience, today he legitimately claims that no horizon is too far.

Couch lecture

Through an interactive lecture accompanied by photographs and videos, Davor Rostuhar shares the knowledge and the experience he has gathered travelling for 20 years. The lecture is set in your own venue, for your circle of 10 to 15 people. The form of the lecture is relaxed and interactive, and sometimes develops into a constructive discussion. In two to three hours, Davor will present topics from his rich traveler’s experience.


  1. Love Around the World – The most important lessons from our latest project
  2. 10 most important lessons I learned while travelling
  3. Motivational lecture: Polar dream
  4. How to choose a destination and prepare for a trip
  5. Jungle – Stories from Papua, about the last total wilderness

It is also possible to choose a different topic from Davor’s repertoire for a lecture or an informal conversation. The topic can be a certain trip or an expedition that Davor had undertaken. If you are planning to travel somewhere where Davor had already been (around 120 countries), he can tell you more about your destination. If you are interested in photography, he will gladly share some tricks on the form. If you are managing a crowdfunding campaign or looking for sponsors for a project, he can tell you everything he knows about it…

A lot of informative, inspiration, education, and fun moments can be had in two to three hours of a pleasant conversation!



Couch lectures are avaialble only for small friendly groups. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Couch lectures to corporations and companies. If you are interested in organizing one of Davor’s lectures in your firm, please do not hesitate to reach out for information about lectures ‘Love Around the World’ and ‘Polar Dream’.


Davor’s positivity is captivating! After months of standing still, lecture-hangout-introduction to ‘Love Around the World’ made me feel alive again. It is incredible how healing it is to spend time with an enthusiast such as Davor. I hope that many people will get to experience this wonderful way of meeting faraway cultures and destinations, all from the comfort of their hometown.


– Romana Palčić, June 6, 2020

It is my honor and pleasure that I had the chance to connect my small circle of grand people with such a warm, open, spontaneous, funny, and overwhelmingly encouraging person as Davor. And in a relaxed and comfortable ambiance of my own home. Wonderful time spent and a perfect gift for my birthday. Davor, it is a pleasure following you and reading your books. I love your energy and your enormous passion towards everything you do and the enjoyment with which you share your experiences and knowledge. 


– Sanja Pekas, June 10, 2020