Sometimes I feel my lectures are like a live documentary because my work is shown on the screen: photos and video clips, but instead of an invisible narrator or on-screen presenter, I as the author of the work narrate live, in front of the audience. The production behind each lecture is not unlike documentary film production. An entire team of people works for several months in preparation of each lecture: editors, proof-readers, film editors, sound engineers, colorists, designers…

What distinguishes the medium of lecture from the medium of documentary, and what I think makes it more interesting, is the interactive aspect – the audience intertwines with the author and expands the lecture with their questions. Lectures often continue at informal events, where new friendships are made.

So far I’ve held more than 500 lectures, attended by more than 50 000 people.

There are three different types of lectures: public, educational, and motivational.


Everywhere. We organize this type of lecture in various public spaces, libraries, cultural centers, movie theatres… or we come at the invitation of a host. In these lectures, I try to be educational and to give encouragement, but also to entertain a little, since it is a public performance. The smallest lecture I held was at a tiny library in the town of Sali on Dugi otok island, where not even 10 people can fit, but 20 crammed in. The largest lecture so far was in the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall in Zagreb, where we had a full house for two days in a row, 3200 people in total.


I get invited to give lectures by both private and public schools, but I was also invited by the Ministry of Education to give lectures all over Croatia, from small towns in neglected regions to the largest cities. Sometimes they take place in classrooms of 10-20 students, and sometimes in halls where the entire school gathers. I put a special emphasis on education. I pack various educational material into exciting stories from the adventures to the remotest parts of our planet. I enjoy the privilege of being listened to with great interest by students who are usually least attentive.


I mostly give motivational lectures to business people, at conferences, symposiums, team buildings, at the offices… Mostly I address board members and managers, sales and marketing people, but I also talked to people at different functions and various professions – from auditors and bankers to sports workers and soldiers. They are usually most interested in one aspect of my portfolio – how I managed to reach the South Pole, walking for 47 days through the most extreme landscape in the world, all alone, without any support.

That was the main goal of my Polar Dream project – to explore what a person needs to do in order to reach an ambitious goal, to make their dreams come true. To find that out, I set a goal for myself that was far out of my comfort zone, at the end of the world, at the South Pole – and I observed my own process through the challenge that was primarily psychological: how I overcame obstacles, defeated fears, and got through crises. Everything I have learned that could be applied to any business or life venture I share with those interested in the intense motivational lecture.

If you would like me to give a lecture at your space, club, school, company… please contact my assistant Valerija (contact) za for booking and reservations.

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