Love Around the World

What is love? A question most of us asked ourselves at least once in our lifetime. Anđela and Davor, a newly married couple from Croatia, decided to turn their honeymoon into a year-long exploration of possible answers to this question. They talked to more than a hundred people in over thirty countries all around the world, afterwards transforming this inspiring experience into a documentary and a book showing all the complexity of love in the 21st century.

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Polar Dream

Outside the windchill is -40°C. There isn’t another soul within 200 kilometers. And the goal, the South Pole, is still over a thousand kilometers away. All Davor has to do to give up is make a call on his satellite phone, then he can be rescued and returned to civilization, but if he does that, his dream of walking to the South Pole solo, unassisted and unsupported will be over.

This is the story of Davor Rostuhar’s 48 day trek to the South Pole. It is also a story about what it takes to make your dreams come true. In this book Davor explores how we can turn a vague aspiration into a reality? How we can keep going when faced with impossible odds? And what we learn about ourselves when placed in extreme conditions? Polar Dream is an inspirational story about passion, endurance, and what it takes to believe in yourself.

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Croatia From Above

Croatia From Above

The photo-monograph National Geographic—Croatia From Above is Croatia’s first photo-monograph sponsored by National Geographic, the most prestigious global brand in photography.

The photographs have been beautifully arranged in a carefully planned layout in order to best showcase and celebrate Croatia’s great wealth and diversity. Each photograph is accompanied by a text describing the geologic, historic, economic, ecological, and cultural aspects of Croatia captured in that image. Collectively, they paint a unique portrait of Croatia, depicting its position in the broader context of space and time. The book is further enriched with texts written by Davor Rostuhar, author, photographer, and project leader; by Hrvoje Prćić, Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Croatia; and Dr. Ivo Josipović, President of the Republic of Croatia. Two editions, one in English and one in Croatian, were published by the Club for Expedition and Culture in June 2014.

This lavish edition contains 200 photographs printed in 18.9” x 12.6” (48 cm x 32 cm) format. Created during a seven-year exploration of Croatia from an aerial perspective, these photographs portray familiar natural and cultural attractions in a hitherto unseen way, and unveil new sites of value that had been lying hidden until now.

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Croatia From Above - small edition

Croatia From Above - small edition

Similar as the above one, but in smaller print.

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The Journey’s Magic

In a year when, for the first time in history, the number of people traveling long distances exceeds a billion, The Journey’s Magic searches for answers to several important questions: Why do we like to travel? How do our journeys change us? What impact does traveling have on our planet? Although, in essence, it’s a non-fiction narrative replete with references to scientific literature, The Journey’s Magic also abounds in interesting anecdotes from the author’s first decade of globe-trotting as a professional photographer and travel writer, and takes readers on a journey from tourism’s historical roots all the way to the responsible travel/tourism of the new age.

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