Love Around the World

Davor and Anđela Rostuhar embarked on a one-year journey around the world to research whether love, one of the highest values in our lives, is universal, or is completely conditioned by the circumstances surrounding us. They traveled to 30 countries on five continents and collected more than 120 interviews with different couples and individuals, all of them sharing their thoughts on love, relationships, marriage, divorce…

Everything they experienced and learned about love along the way was put into the book and the film Love Around the World.


How did it all begin? How did I choose this kind of life? What have I done so far? Which places have I visited? If you want to know more, check out my chronology…

Stories and photos

I typed up hundreds of thousands of characters. I visited many countries on all the continents. On my way, I collected stories and took pictures of interesting people and customs.


I have published eight books so far. Each one of them is special and dear to me in its own way. Here you can find out more about them, and if you like them, place an order.


I’ve worked on many interesting projects. The most important three are: Love Around the World (together with my wife Anđela, I traveled the world exploring love), Polar Dream (when I walked to the South Pole), and Croatia from Above (where I took photos of Croatia from above).